The Sun Never Stopped Shining

My last blog post was titled “I don’t want anyone to miss this!” Now a while later since we’ve been so busy, I get to write about what really DID happen on May 12th because, truly, I don’t want anyone to miss THIS EVENT STORY and FB LIVE VIDEO BELOW: EVENT STORY On May 12thContinue reading “The Sun Never Stopped Shining”

I don’t want anyone to miss this…

I do not want anyone to miss what will happen on May 12th in Philadelphia. There is such an outpouring of creativity, generosity, and energy, I’m often feeling overwhelmed by it. Just today, I was on a call with Michael Munetsi, an art teacher in Dallas, Texas, who spoke of how her students got toContinue reading “I don’t want anyone to miss this…”

“It’s a worldwide thing.”

Last Monday I was on a call with Dave Potter,  a thought leader in global ed, an individual who has worked with iEARN and other groups for years and now works for the Kind Foundation on Empatico, their school-to-school connection project. He was saying one of the challenges of engaging schools in innovative work isContinue reading ““It’s a worldwide thing.””

Seamless: Social Emotional Learning & Dreamline

You’ve read here before about Shannon Kline, the Dreamline teacher who, in 2018, won a national Sanford Education Award for her work with Dreamline and Social Emotional Learning. In this week’s blog, Shannon Kline explains clearly and simply how the Dreamline student experience aligns with the Social Emotional Learning competencies so many educators are strivingContinue reading “Seamless: Social Emotional Learning & Dreamline”