Me2We Oct ’22

Philadelphia’s EMIR Healing Center has been enabling healing from trauma and grief for more than 20 years. When they requested that Dreamline take an important role in their September 24 Day of Remembrance for families and loved ones of those lost to gun violence, we jumped at the chance – not only because of the impact and importance of this work but also because it was the first in-person workshop event we’ve done in three years. 

People of all ages sat to draw and write about a city free of gun violence or their dreams for the person they lost. You can see them on our gallery with Keyword search: EMIR. 


Inspired by master educator and Tik Tok sensation Holly Clark,  Dreamline’s Founder and Director of Program Jeffrey Harlan dove into Tik Tok this month, launching a series of very short videos where he reflects on the role of dreams and values in our lives.
If you DO do Tik Tok you can follow @DreamlineJeffrey to see the latest. 
If you DO NOT do Tik Tok you can click below to see Tik Tok Tuesdays to date!


Plans are underway for our 2023 year-end culminating Dreamline Event! We will once again bring together our entire Dreamline community celebrating the importance of dreams we believe in with a day-long program featuring thousands of Dreamline Banners, food, music, open Dream mic, dream-related activities and a keynote speaker to inspire us all.

Mark your calendars now whether you live near or far. The Pier’s 8×11 foot digital screen will bring in Dreamline voices from around the world to join the live community gathering. We can’t wait. 

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