Me2We Nov ’22


“Dream Path SEL had a remarkable effect on my students. As they progressed through the activities, they ALL became aware of an unspoken dream deep within themselves. Their Dream Banners are the outward representation of the confidence to finally speak those hidden dreams in a safe and respected way.”

THOSE WORDS are from Kathy Bosiak, one of the five dedicated teachers who gave us 90 minutes of their time on October 24th for a Dream Path SEL Focus Group. The group received Dream Path materials in the mail and then settled back to be students as we guided them through one of of the many activities in our media-rich, relevant Dream Path SEL curriculum. Then we listened to their feedback.

Here’s who was in the room:

  • Kathy Bosiak from Lincolnton High School in Lincolnton, North Carolina (population 11,000)
  • Christina Kimmel from Cook-Wissahickon School (PK-8) in the School District of Philadelphia
  • Randi Egeley from Mountain View Elementary in Mountain View, Wyoming (population 1,300)
  • Sabra Shafi from Shawmont Elementary in the School District of Philadelphia
  • Katrina Rachubinsky from Wissahickon Middle School in Ambler, PA (population 6,500 suburban Philadelphia)

We had viewpoints from high school, middle school, and elementary and from rural to inner city. 

Also last month, Dreamline was at the PAEA annual educator conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we showed up with a nine-foot high Dream Booth filled with students dreams, our new Dream Path SEL materials, and had conversations with dozens and dozens of teachers at all levels. 

And here’s what we heard:


Teachers see students’ views narrowing in the current climate and coming out of COVID. They like the way Dreamline reaches across countries and US demographics, giving students unfiltered access to other students’ thoughts, ideas, and values. 


Integrating new curriculum successfully takes balance and care. Teachers liked that Dream Path SEL resources are offered in a variety of configurations – 5, 10, 20, and 40 sessions of various lengths.


From what we heard, a lot of SEL in schools is watch a video, then talk about it– again and again. Teachers were pleased to see an activity-based approach and an authentic context for integrated Social-Emotional Learning skills. 


When Dreamline Founder Jeffrey Harlan started TikTok Tuesday, he was not sure who would watch or if anyone was really out there. But one recent post garnered more than 600 views (big in the Dreamline world) AND mega-TikTok educator Holly Clark (20K followers) just started following @DreamlineJeffrey! You can too. Here’s one of Holly’s favorites …

Our growing group of Dream Path SEL program subscribers!
(Click the image for an interactive map to see where they all are.)


COVID was tough on everyone, and especially communities of purpose. Educators were just getting by, and, while things are not “all normal” by any means, we are thrilled to start counting again. So far we’re up to eight school communities committed to connecting dreams. We’ll keep you posted as the growth continues and as we move toward an end-of-year gathering once again in June, connecting folks near and far to celebrate dreams we believe in. 

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