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The Show is ON!

Celebrate the power of dreams with this free program on Sunday, June 4th in the 500-foot art space of Cherry Street Pier surrounded by sky and water! Or tune in to the livestream!


.. IS UNDER WAY to fill the  space of Cherry Street Pier with Dream Booths – 7-foot high free standing structures, each with a giant inflatable globe in the center and surrounded by Dream Banners. And there will be a 200-foot Dream Wall as well! You’ll see original student work from places like Shawmont Elementary in the Roxborough section of Philly alongside works from Madagascar, Haiti, and beyond!


..ARE LINED UP to surround us with energetic sound. The Dream Stage will first host Meet The Bug (aka Cariahbel Azemar) with her enchanting blend of vocal dexterity and ukulele fun! Then Tom Krumm will take the stage with his virtuosic jazz violin standards and originals backed by his own looping guitar riffs along with fellow Berklee College of Music grad and master Afro-Caribbean percussionist Nate Harlan.  And when the students take the stage to read out their dreams, Temple Music scholar  Nick Demkowicz will weave a magical spell with his vibraphone improvisations responding to student words and images, tying them together in a collage of hope and vision.


…IS SET with a variety of hands-on activities that all can enjoy free and with materials provided. From PLANT THE FUTURE seedling planting activity (provided by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society) to the WEAR YOUR DREAM button making table to the JOIN THE DREAMERS short-form Dream Banner Making table to the PRINT YOUR VISION fabric printing workshop (and others in the works), busy hands will make dreams live long after the day. 


… WILL HAPPEN ON STAGE  at 2:00 pm (US Eastern) when our Livestream starts and special guest speaker Ryan Harris takes the mic to tell his story of how dreams and drive make change, as he has demonstrated so powerfully in the North Philadelphia neighborhood where he grew up. Then Dreamline students will line up to read their Dream Banners out loud, underscored by Nick’s live improvisations on vibraphones. Above the stage on the Pier’s video wall, students from remote locations will join in, adding their dreams to the flow of hope. The inspiration will keep growing as we round up with the Dreamline Song. (AND… we don’t know yet.. but there may be a big reveal as well.)

Whether you’re near or far – whether you can come down to Cherry Street Pier on June 4 at noon or join our livestream at 2 – you won’t want to miss out on this uplifting afternoon of connection and purpose. 


You CAN make a donation (more on that below) but the ticket is FREE and we don’t want you to miss out. Join us! 

Ticket holders can Attend Live 12-4 pm at Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia, OR Tune in to the Livestream 2-3 pm, OR Watch Video Recording  emailed on June 5th.
(Times in US Eastern)



An important part of Dreamline’s programs for students is creating a platform for sharing dreams, being part of something bigger than ourselves, and speaking to an authentic audience to ignite change. 

For local participant teachers to distribute to students. For remote participant teachers to distribute to students.  


Making Dreams Happen

Dreamline’s nonprofit Board has determined that we need to raise $15,000 in our 2023 Annual Campaign to continue making our Dream Path SEL curriculum and programming available to schools in 2023-24, keep up the momentum of reconnecting with our pre-COVID community, and scaling our Urban Pilot Program. We have reached 75% of that goal and invite you to help us reach 100%!

On June 4th we will announce the results of our 2023 Annual Campaign at the Dream Philly Festival and thank our donors.

The Dream Path SEL curriculum experience intentionally develops the empathy, belonging, and agency which are critical for positive changes in school climate needed in so many places today.

The Board invites you to make a contribution to support  positive school climate change in 2023-24, putting concrete tools in the hands of teachers who will make a difference.

You can LEARN MORE about the impact of your gift on the Annual Campaign Page or GIVE NOW  through our Eventbrite page where you make a donation and receive a ticket to the Dream Philly Festival. 


DREAM PATH SEL in ’23-24

We anticipate that as we meet our nonprofit funding goals, Dream Path SEL Short Form curriculum will continue to be a free subscription offering in the 2023-24 school year. Please look for details in upcoming emails as to the subscription cost for the Dream Path SEL Full Program (offered at no cost this year.) It  will vary depending on your school’s location and Title I status.

Please contact us for further information as you look toward plans and budgets for next year. 

Me2We Apr ’23


We Are Bouncing Back

Pre-COVID Dreamline was serving an average of 6,000 students per year–to help them find the dreams they believe in and connect to others. That went down to 600 students in the previous two years thanks to the pandemic. But NOW…

As of this writing we are serving 2,961 students at 26 sites!
We are welcoming back schools we haven’t seen for quite few a years such as
FERRY PASS MIDDLE SCHOOL in Pensacola, Florida!
IRMA RANGEL MIDDLE & HIGH in Dallas, Texas! and
CALEB GREENWOOD ELEMENTARY in Sacramento, California!

We are welcoming many first-time schools to the Dreamline community such as:
McDOWELL HIGH SCHOOL in Erie, Pennsylvania! and
DUNBAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!
And with programs like the intensively supported pilot at Dunbar, we are learning tons about  best implementation practices in our most underserved schools. 

CLICK HERE  to VIEW the participant map and browse around. 
CLICK HERE to JOIN in if you’re an educator who has 5 or more class periods for Dreamline before the end of this school year! 


June 4, 2023 EVENT

PICTURE THIS: You walk into the 500-foot art space that is Cherry Street Pier and all around you see Dream Booths – 7-foot high structures wrapped in Dreamline Banners, each made by a different student, each Dream Booth from a different school. Beyond that, tables with people of all ages making their own Dream Banners, learning cloth printing techniques, making Dream-related buttons, and other activities.

There’s music from the stage under the 11-foot digital screen where students from around the world join in. And there are booths and tables from organizations related to what our students dream of changing: the environment, social justice, education, and more.

At 12:00 noon the action starts and at 2 pm on the stage, special guest Ryan Harris takes the mic. He will inspire and provoke, showing that we all can make a difference in the world as he has with the creation of As I Plant This Seed, a program supporting at-risk youth in the neighborhood where he grew up. 

And then the dreams–as students step to the mic and read their Dream Banners, one at a time, supported by music that moves with their words. On the giant screen overhead, students from far away places add their voices in a tapestry of dreams and sound that surrounds us. 

The Pier Vendors will keep us fed, the Banners inspired, the Activities busy, the Music energized, and the day will leave us all ready to change the world. Because together, we will..

Join us – in person or online, you’re invited. 


Making Dreams Happen

Dreamline’s nonprofit Board of Directors is a working group supporting Dreamline both week-to-week and at the oversight and policy level. To give you an idea of how the Board is making dreams happen for our June 4 event, here’s an insider look:
Barbara Bassett, Board Co-President, is leading the charge for our Donors’ Reception. The event is the culmination of a fundraising drive to support Dreamline in 2023-24. 
Lourin Plant, Board Co-President is putting his vast production experience to work by leading the stage segment of our program with musicians, speakers, most important of all, student readers. 
Dan Lai, Board Secretary, is the lead organizer for the hands-on activities and allied organization tables and booths. 
Ron Carleton, Board Treasurer, is leading the ticket tracking from our Eventbrite and supporting the ticket sales and  fundraising efforts.
Serita Lewis, Board Member, is helping reach out into Philadelphia communities and beyond to make sure everyone knows about this event and can join in. 
Jeffrey Harlan, Founder and Program Director, is coordinating with schools to get the Banners there, get students on stage, and bring voices to us on Zoom. 

If you are local, and would like to volunteer on the day of the event, we will put you to work with guidance and partners. 


Everyone can help make dreams happen by supporting the Dream Philly Festival Annual Campaign to fund Dreamline’s work in 2023-24. Read more and join in!



ASAP, MAY 20 & MAY 26

Schools participating in the June 4 Philly Dream Fest should sign up As Soon As Possible and get their Booth Banners to us by May 26th. There are options for all kinds of participation for both local Philadelphia region schools and remote schools. Click below to learn more and fill out the form as soon as you can. 


On Saturday, May 20 Dreamline expects to be at the Spring Fest in Philadelphia’s Roxborough neighborhood. We’ll bring a Dream Booth covered in Banners made my by students at the nearby Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School. If you’re in or around Roxborough, stop by!
HAVING A LOCAL EVENT WITH DREAM BANNERS? Please email to let us know!

Me2We Feb ’23


Live is BACK!

Every year since the Dreamline idea got going, we’ve had an annual gathering to give our students the mic, an authentic audience, and a day of celebration, uplifting our dreams. The last time it was live was 2019, and you know what happened after that .. Zoom is great but….

On Sunday, June 4, starting at noon US Eastern Time, we’re back live AND online to celebrate connected dreams everywhere. Cherry Street Pier has opened their doors to Dreamline and will help us host a daylong celebration with music, food, dream-related activities and thousands of Dream Banners on display.

Their 8×11 foot jumbotron will bring in Dreamline students from around the US and the world to share their dreams alongside local students supported by families, school communities, and the general public for an expected audience of 1,000+. 

Creating authentic audience, raising up awareness of what really matters to young people, and inspiring our Dreamline students to move in the direction of their dreams is what Dreamline is all about. And ALL OF THAT will be live, online, and happening June 4. 

Details coming soon on how YOU can be a part of it.


Dream Path Community Collaborations

No names for this one, but we’re pleased and honored to report that Dreamline’s Program Director Jeffrey Harlan was invited to lead a group of 12-year-old middle school girls in Iran in the “New/You” activity as they started their Dream Path program with their teacher two weeks ago.

After talking with them on Zoom for an hour, Jeffrey commented that it was “like talking to really sharp middle schoolers in the US. We talked about symbolism, the cultural context of dreams, and the power of collaboration as we got into examining and responding to five or six Banners from our online gallery. Some were from their country in past years. The students’ deep insights and personal connections, left me unbelievably hopeful and inspired.”

Recently we learned that the district’s monthly SEL themes are empathy and relationship at  Wissahickon Middle School in Ambler, Pennsylvania, US. We’ve seen new subscribers there as teachers pass the word about Dream Path SEL.

5-Day Dream Path

The FULL Dream Path SEL curriculum is definitely our “flag ship” program and creates the most impactful Dreamline experience, however not all group leaders have time for the ten one-hour lessons or twenty half-hour segments. With this in mind, we have created an INTRO Program Guide for an engaging Dream Path experience in 5 30-45 minute classes. It integrates key elements from  the FULL Program into a cohesive sequence that results in a group Dreamline, building community and global awareness.

Click above to take a look and sign up for the curriculum below to view all of the lesson slides, guides, and more. For more information on scheduling and scope options for Dream Path SEL click here

Use code DPSEL23.

2023 Dream Path Curriculum Signup


Retreat & ADVANCE

Dreamline’s nonprofit Board of Directors is a working group supporting Dreamline both week-to-week and at the oversight and policy level. In mid-January, the group met for a retreat day to revisit Dreamline’s 2020 Strategic Plan because of the many unexpected events that have transpired in the past three years. 

One key development has been the creation of the Dream Path SEL curriculum, part of the 2020 Plan. COVID-19 was of course not part of the plan. Nonprofits engaging school groups experienced a national decline of 90% in students served as a result of the pandemic. Dreamline was no exception. Now is the time for rebuilding. The primary question of the retreat was how we will focus our resources in the next three years to rebuild community. 

We are pleased to share that the Board was unanimous in its support of a community expansion model that continues to engage our global participants and focuses our key outreach on underserved urban school sites, starting in Philadelphia. Working with donors to support pilot programming, we will develop and scale program implementation strategies that prove successful in our nation’s most challenging educational settings. Throughout the process we will measure changes in student empathy, belonging, agency, and prosociality along with other more holistic community outcomes.

The Board looks forward to keeping you updated on this strategic initiative and sharing ways you can support the effort


10 Days 10 Dreamlines


In the NEXT TEN DAYS – by the last day in February, we challenge our community to help rebuild the community with the 10 Days 10 Dreamlines Challenge. 

Here’s how it works:

Use the resources below to share Dreamline with a new group (or yourself!) 

Each time you send something to a group or person, post about it with #ThrewADreamline to ….
Each time a new group signs up we’ll post with _(you).. #TiedADreamlineKnot

You can also email us if you don’t do social media. 

Here’s what you need:

Signup (case sensitive)



#globaldreamline (or program tag)

program info (case sensitive)

We are @globaldreamline on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 
We are @DreamlineJeffrey on Tik Tok. 

Good Luck!

Me2We Dec ’22


Dreamline is celebrating the holidays and the power of a dream you can believe in by offering a FREE Dream Path SEL digital subscription to you and those you know using this code: DPSEL23.


Use code DPSEL23. This link is not on our main website. 

The offer is good until February 1, 2023, the birthday of Langston Hughes, and the launch date for the 2022-23 Dreamline season. Teachers who accept by February 1 will have full access to Dream Path SEL curriculum materials for the rest of the 2022-23 school year. We’ll conclude in June with a global celebration hosted in Philadelphia and including online participants from everywhere sharing the dreams they believe in. 

Dream Path SEL develops self and global awareness, visions of the future, and the Social-Emotional Learning skills to realize those visions.

Our Board of Directors authorized this because in the 2022-23 year they want every friend of Dreamline to be able to experience the flexible and transformative impact of this Dreamline curriculum – with its media-rich, authentic, activity-based approach to helping students reflect on themselves and the world, find a vision that compels them, and broaden their global perspective. 

Using art, writing, technology, and community-building, Dream Path SEL helps you find a dream you believe in because that changes everything

The offer also includes the assessment surveys built into the Dream Path SEL program that measure changes in empathy, agency, belonging, and pro-social behaviors.

Already, Cook-Wissahickon Middle School in Philadelphia, has started the 40 mini-lesson version of Dream Path SEL with 200 students in grades 5-8. 3rd and 4th graders at Howard Gardener School in Scranton, PA will start Dream Path SEL in January in a 5-session experience, and  9th – 12th graders at McDowell High School in Erie, PA are starting a teacher-customized Dream Path SEL program later this month. 

(Click the image for an interactive map to see where they all are.)

Happy Holidays for those who celebrate them. Please join in and pass this on.




CHECK OUT this TikTok Tuesday that registered for more than 1,400 viewers back in November and hear what Dreamline Founder Jeffrey Harlan (and 4-year-old Sylvia) have to say about finding a place for your voice and making change in the world. 


A space for what’s going on with Dreamline community members.

Dreamline Art Teacher Forming Community  Around Her Work

Longtime Dreamline teacher Joy Waldinger has a newsletter you might want to check out. Here’s what she shared with us:

J. Eliza Wall (Joy Elisabeth Waldinger) is a Philadelphia artist, writer, filmmaker, and art educator. She believes that art is a powerful tool that can generate change and healing on a local and global level. Her short films have won awards in national and international film festivals and she has been published in a variety of literary magazines. In 2020, she published Like the Sun Holds the Moon: A Children’s Book, which addresses themes of separation and divorce, and for the May 2022 Lunar Eclipse, her book Like the Sun Holds the Moon: A Novel was published by Little Creek Press. Her newest children’s book (TRASH CRAB) will be coming out on Earth Day 2023! Sign up for her newsletter if you want a little more magic in your life to weave some order from the chaos. Her magic section is modeled after her Teaching Pedagogy. The Head, Heart, and Hands Pedagogy guides her art education practice since it integrates all three domains of learning: cognitive (head), affective (heart), and experiential (hands). Her previous collaboration with Dreamline has inspired her personal creative journey. 

Newsletter sign-up:  


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