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“Your Dream Path SEL program is truly astounding. It’s like a manual for growing thoughtful, tolerant, moral adults who embrace differences and have the capacity to resolve conflicts.” 

Dear Fellow Educator

The quote above is what one experienced elementary and middle school teacher wrote about the Dream Path SEL program we released on February 1st. I hope you’ll  take a look.

If I wanted to check out a new program, I’d want to get the key facts right away.  So here they are: 

What’s it about? 
Dream Path SEL curriculum meets the unique needs of our time by enhancing belonging, empathy, agency, and voice – all while building critical Social-Emotional Learning skills and fostering community.  more here

Who is it for?
Vocabulary and activities are created for ages 8 to 14 and are easily adaptable for older or younger students.

How long does it take? 
The program is designed for ten approximately 60-minute sessions or twenty 30 to 45-minute sessions. For instance, using one or two classes each week, you could do it in March and April this year or in September and October next year.

Where does it fit?
The program is designed for integration in classes such as ELA, Art, or Social Studies as well as in programs for Advisory/Homeroom, Counseling, After School, and Camps. 

What about assessment? 
We have two 10 minute online questionnaires that students take before and after. The questions, developed in collaboration with Penn State researchers, measure group changes in empathy, belonging, agency, and altruism or prosocial behavior. more here

Why now? I’m overwhelmed. Everyone is overwhelmed.
Two reasons.
One is that Dreamline brings hope. It is an “elixir” for the hopelessness and fatigue that surrounds us.
The other is the program is so teacher-friendly that it lightens the load, as opposed to adding to it. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself

What’s the cost?
It’s an annual subscription per teacher or adult leader to use with any number of students for access to the 50+ page teacher guide (for in person and virtual), student facing graphic lesson presentations with over 20 embedded vides of Dreamline Youth Mentors leading the program, and a 20-page student Dream Path Journal. All digital and also available in print. more here

That’s it. I think the other thing I would tell you is that it’s not just a great program for developing all the qualities mentioned above, it is quintessentially Dreamline, which means it’s about connection and community. It brings students into direct contact with each others’ dreams in a deep and transforming way. If you like, listen to Dreamline Youth Mentor Camille talking about that here or Ahmed talking about it here

Please be in touch. I’d love to talk with you about bringing this program to your school or organization this year or next.

Thanks and be well. 


Jeffrey Harlan
Dreamline Founding Director

“He gave that to me” & 23 days until Feb. 1st!


Dear Dreamline friends,

As emails and Zoom calls zip back and forth to finalize the web site, sign off on video edits, and make the Dream Path SEL experience the most teacher-friendly and transformative program we can imagine, Serita Lewis, a friend and Dreamline Board Member sent me this video clip.

He nailed it. You can hear Steve Harvey’s story about following his dream in the clip below. For me the center of it is this:  “If you write it down and envision it, anything you see in your mind you can hold in your hand.” That’s the gift his father gave him. 

And that’s the gift we want to give to students everywhere, not just those lucky enough to have a father like Steve Harvey’s. 

Check out the video and take a sneak-peek at our new site below. Please join us in our mission to make real what we can imagine by sharing this program with others or signing up to learn more. 


–Dreamline Jeffrey

Jeffrey Harlan
Dreamline Founding Director

Learn about our January 17  program in collaboration with the African American Museum in Philadelphia HERE

Sneak-Peek of the new Dreamline Programs Site design releasing Feb. 1. 

Gratitude & 45 Days from Now..

Dear Dreamline friends,

As I presented to more than 100 School District of Philadelphia teachers yesterday and as I head to the Future of Education Technology conference in January where I’ve been invited to talk about the importance of Social-Emotional Learning, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the groundswell of support for our new Dream Path SEL program. 

Please take a look below and click to hear the voices of Dreamline Youth Mentors Ahmed, Camille, and Jade–a few of the more than 20 videos from them in the curriculum we are releasing 45 days from now.

Please help bring Dream Path SEL to public schools in 2022 by making an end-of-year donation or by sharing our program with an educator. Listen to Ahmed, Camille, and Jade first.

May the coming year bring us all greater peace and health. 


–Dreamline Jeffrey

Jeffrey Harlan
Dreamline Founding Director

75 days until Feb. 1

Dear Dreamline friends,

I am so proud to announce the February 1, 2022 release of Dream Path SEL. It will radically alter Dreamline’s accessibility. It is the first turnkey solution for supporting a transformational Dreamline experience in any setting with any teacher. It is the work of a far ranging, devoted, and diverse team.

Also in this newsletter you’ll find highlights on how Dreamline’s work is getting recognized for its contributions to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as Social-Emotional Learning in today’s schools.

You’ll read about how the Dreamline experience has started to serve adult populations in a corporate setting, cutting across the same kinds of boundaries as it does with youth, and inspiring positive change.

Finally, you’ll learn of a complementary program started by a friend of Dreamline.

I am humbled to work with the individuals who have both supported our work and lauded it. Our nonprofit has grown from the vision and work of one classroom teacher to a global movement because of the support of individuals like you.


–Dreamline Jeffrey

a vision for the future and the competencies to get there

4 Units
10 Lessons
20 Sessions
activity alignments to Social-Emotional Learning competency skills of the CASEL 21 Framework

Dreamline’s meticulously researched, planned and resourced, CASEL aligned curriculum and engaging lesson plans make both social and emotional learning and meaningful service and action within reach for any teacher or coach.”

–Dean Harris, Dean of Learning, DC International School, Washington, DC

“Dreamline is taking an innovative approach to increasing the reach and impact of SEL programs. They are now embedding direct measurement to assess student outcomes – which will allow them to establish impact at scale.”

–Dr. Meg Small, Penn State University, Director of Health and Human Development Design for Impact Lab

Our new Dream Path SEL Curriculum is the collective effort of

  • SEL expert curriculum designers from SEL Horizons in Texas
  • an expert in DEI training and curriculum in Philadelphia
  • a leading assessment researcher at Penn State University
  • Dreamline staff
  • Dreamline Youth Mentors from DC, Dallas, and Morocco
  • an Educator Advisory Board with expertise ranging from Program Director at the African American Museum in Philadelphia to a seasoned Philly School District elementary teacher to suburban district reading specialists to the head of programming at two major museums to leadership at a leading independent school in DC to the head of education for Zoom.

The funding for its development was made possible by two major donors at our 2021 Dream Forward Gala, a matching grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and our Patreon sponsors.

For more information about the Dream Path SEL contact or click here.

ISTE Live 21 & Zoomtopia!

Dreamline was invited to be part of important discussions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion along with Social-Emotional Learning as part two global conferences in the past six months.

At the annual conference of the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) last summer, Jeffrey Harlan shared the stage with other nonprofit leaders as well as the Chief Diversity Officer at Zoom and the Educational Equity Ambassador for McGraw Hill to discuss the impact and relevance of DEI in our schools right now.

This fall Jeffrey was invited to represent Dreamline and its new Dream Path SEL program in a discussion of how Social-Emotional Learning is especially relevant as students re-enter in-person learning environments. This panel was part of Zoomtopia!, Zoom’s best practice conference with over 33,000 attendees worldwide.

S2 Holding & Dreamline

To date, 150 employees of S2 Holding, a Brazilian clothing brand owner, have engaged in a five-hour Dreamline experience, uniting and connecting people from south to north, and from C-Suite to factory floor.

“Sharing our dreams made our employees more empathic and united as a team. It is very beautiful and important to see the company taking care of us in such difficult times, and also allowing people to stop for a while just to dream. The best surprise is that even at work, we are still able to chase and fight for our dreams and we can do it…”

Mariana Egert, Marketing Manager at Cantão and Redley (S2 Holding)

For more about the Dreamline experience for adult groups contact

Improve the World!

Finally, just last week Rushton Hurley, Japanese language teacher, author of books on engaging education & technology, keynote speaker at conferences around the world, and head of the educational nonprofit Next Vista for Learning, reached out to Dreamline to tell us about their new and very complimentary program: Improve the World! Check it out…

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