UPSTANDING with Darnella Frazier

Given the enormity of the task, the world requires an army of upstanders compiled of unapologetic young heroes like Darnella, Malala, Marley, Robby and Mo’Ne who want to see change in their lifetimes.  Dreamline is and will remain devoted to the task of supporting them.

Exactly two weeks ago today a jury in Minneapolis found Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of George Floyd. The world breathed a sigh of relief, and then took a breath in to make the much needed statements about what must come next. Our inboxes were filled with articles and statements in response to the guilty verdict. They resonated with our own thoughts and feelings, and especially one from the Head of the Bishop Walker School for Boys in Washington, DC.

Mr. Molena focused on the momentous work that lies ahead for all of us AND on the spark that led us to this historic moment–the video shared around the world by Darnella Frazier. She is the teenager who, in Mr. Molena’s words, had the “awareness and courage” to take and share the video that made justice possible. And justice for George Floyd is justice for humanity.

Daniella’s awareness and courage resonate in these dreams from young people… just a few of the many many examples we have the privilege to amplify through Dreamline.

“…there will be justice for 400 years of racism.”

–a fifteen-year-old in our Martin Luther King Day program with the African American Museum in Philadelphia.
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“Every Body is Equal.”

–an eleven-year old from Prince George, Virginia.

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“… #RIP George Floyd.”

–a fourteen-year-old from Cairo, Egypt.
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“…I make a world where cops actually give blacks their respect. Where I stood up to a police officer for being racist and where the world is a better place because I did that.”

–a ten-year-old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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In our best iteration of Dreamline, we support students, like Darnella Frazier, to be upstanders not bystanders, in the world they live in. We are here to help them make a systemic change in the world, addressing not only body-wide law enforcement injustice but the overwhelming disparities in common areas of life such as inequities of education, economy, and access to healthcare.

Given the enormity of this task, the world requires an army of upstanders compiled of unapologetic young heroes like Darnella, Malala, Marley, Robby and Mo’Ne who want to see change in their lifetimes.  Dreamline is and will remain devoted to the task of supporting them and adding to their numbers.

If we are to empower and help amplify the voices of our youth, we must extend to them every resource available to us. We must help them to trust in their own power and encourage them to embrace the role of lifelong upstanders who will, in time, overturn the tide of systemic injustices plaguing us all. 


Jeffrey Harlan, Dreamline Founder & Serita Lewis, Dreamline Board of Directors

Me to We: A Strategic Plan for Dreamline

Here is what we’ve been waiting to share with you–the just-completed Strategic Plan for Dreamline, our declaration of values, purpose, direction, and implementation.  It is our dream to share with the world, and how we will realize it.

This plan is ambitious and broad. It never could have taken shape without the tireless collaboration of our Planning Group, especially the direction and leadership of Bill Adair, former Program Director at the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, and Vivian Sun, Global Giving and Philanthropy Program Manager at Salesforce.

“The result of the six-month strategic planning process is a plan to create a transition from Dreamline’s current small scale operation and financial position to an organization that will serve thousands more young people and build a secure financial future for its operation. ” –p. 2

When I started my work with students and dreams as a classroom teacher, I could have dreamed of part of this, but certainly not all of it–and never how to make it happen. That takes a group effort. It’s a powerful example of how when we connect our dreams, greater things happen–what Dreamline is all about.  

Please take time enjoy the 9 pages of text, graphics, and photographs. We were fortunate to receive donated graphic design from GHI Design, one of Philadelphia’s top design firms, so it’s both informative and beautiful. Use the button below.

At this time of year, when gifts are the order of the day and when we are still struggling to create the moments of connection that make our holidays meaningful, it is with tremendous gratitude that I can offer this to you and that, collectively, we will offer it to the world. 

May the weeks ahead bring you increasing light, hope, and a growing conviction that we can and will move from me to we in the months and years to come.

DKN june


I am so excited to introduce this amazing group of youth leaders who are ready to roll with our next session of Hope Rising, our global online Dream Camp for kids age 9-14

Camille, our Summer Program Manager, and I just had a fantastic week of training with our Team Leaders. It was so inspiring to learn from and with this exceptional group of young people. Joining us from Morocco to LA, they truly exemplify the diversity, compassion, and deep devotion to making the world a better place that is central to Dreamline.Hope Rising is a fun, thoughtful, creative, and inspiring way to enrich the summer of all children ages 9-14.

Please share this with the families you know. Many parents are looking for but can’t find engaging activities available for their children this summer. With this team in place, we definitely can help and are excited to foster incredible cross country connections that can only grow over time. And of course, local friend groups can participate together too.Check it out, pass it on, and spread the word. Together, hope IS rising!

Jeffrey Harlan
Dreamline Founder

Black Lives Matter

We are proud to share in this post what we have already put on our social media and shared through direct email to our entire community.

Dreamline stands in solidarity with those in protest of the police brutality that ended the life of George Floyd. We stand in solidarity with all those in condemnation of systemic racism and all students we have had the privilege to serve in Philadelphia, including Laboratory Charter School, Parkway North West, and Harding Middle School.

We want to acknowledge our passive efforts to engage underserved communities, and commitment to do a better job using the Dreamline platform to celebrate and amplify the power of Black children’s voice, experience, and dreams.

We take very seriously our responsibility to create safe spaces for meaningful conversations, share the power of communities we have had the privilege to connect with, and unapologetically pursue the anti-racist change in our world.

In continued support of children’s empathy, compassion, and inspiration, we at Dreamline hold ourselves accountable to do all we can to help the healing of families impacted by systemic racism, and move beyond merely the hope for a better future.

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