Me2We Nov ’22

THREE FOCUS FINDINGS “Dream Path SEL had a remarkable effect on my students. As they progressed through the activities, they ALL became aware of an unspoken dream deep within themselves. Their Dream Banners are the outward representation of the confidence to finally speak those hidden dreams in a safe and respected way.” THOSE WORDS are from Kathy Bosiak, oneContinue reading “Me2We Nov ’22”

Me2We Sept ’22

When fashion designer and social justice activist Zarinah Lomax, Dreamline Board Member Serita Lewis, and  Dreamline Founder Jeffrey Harlan met at the Cherry Street Pier last fall, they poured through hundreds of Dream Banners, noting ones that spoke powerfully about gun violence.   That process culminated this summer with the installation of Zarinah Lomax’s “Apologues: We AreContinue reading “Me2We Sept ’22”

Educator Update

“Your Dream Path SEL program is truly astounding. It’s like a manual for growing thoughtful, tolerant, moral adults who embrace differences and have the capacity to resolve conflicts.”  Dear Fellow Educator The quote above is what one experienced elementary and middle school teacher wrote about the Dream Path SEL program we released on February 1st.Continue reading “Educator Update”