Me2We Feb ’23


Live is BACK!

Every year since the Dreamline idea got going, we’ve had an annual gathering to give our students the mic, an authentic audience, and a day of celebration, uplifting our dreams. The last time it was live was 2019, and you know what happened after that .. Zoom is great but….

On Sunday, June 4, starting at noon US Eastern Time, we’re back live AND online to celebrate connected dreams everywhere. Cherry Street Pier has opened their doors to Dreamline and will help us host a daylong celebration with music, food, dream-related activities and thousands of Dream Banners on display.

Their 8×11 foot jumbotron will bring in Dreamline students from around the US and the world to share their dreams alongside local students supported by families, school communities, and the general public for an expected audience of 1,000+. 

Creating authentic audience, raising up awareness of what really matters to young people, and inspiring our Dreamline students to move in the direction of their dreams is what Dreamline is all about. And ALL OF THAT will be live, online, and happening June 4. 

Details coming soon on how YOU can be a part of it.


Dream Path Community Collaborations

No names for this one, but we’re pleased and honored to report that Dreamline’s Program Director Jeffrey Harlan was invited to lead a group of 12-year-old middle school girls in Iran in the “New/You” activity as they started their Dream Path program with their teacher two weeks ago.

After talking with them on Zoom for an hour, Jeffrey commented that it was “like talking to really sharp middle schoolers in the US. We talked about symbolism, the cultural context of dreams, and the power of collaboration as we got into examining and responding to five or six Banners from our online gallery. Some were from their country in past years. The students’ deep insights and personal connections, left me unbelievably hopeful and inspired.”

Recently we learned that the district’s monthly SEL themes are empathy and relationship at  Wissahickon Middle School in Ambler, Pennsylvania, US. We’ve seen new subscribers there as teachers pass the word about Dream Path SEL.

5-Day Dream Path

The FULL Dream Path SEL curriculum is definitely our “flag ship” program and creates the most impactful Dreamline experience, however not all group leaders have time for the ten one-hour lessons or twenty half-hour segments. With this in mind, we have created an INTRO Program Guide for an engaging Dream Path experience in 5 30-45 minute classes. It integrates key elements from  the FULL Program into a cohesive sequence that results in a group Dreamline, building community and global awareness.

Click above to take a look and sign up for the curriculum below to view all of the lesson slides, guides, and more. For more information on scheduling and scope options for Dream Path SEL click here

Use code DPSEL23.

2023 Dream Path Curriculum Signup


Retreat & ADVANCE

Dreamline’s nonprofit Board of Directors is a working group supporting Dreamline both week-to-week and at the oversight and policy level. In mid-January, the group met for a retreat day to revisit Dreamline’s 2020 Strategic Plan because of the many unexpected events that have transpired in the past three years. 

One key development has been the creation of the Dream Path SEL curriculum, part of the 2020 Plan. COVID-19 was of course not part of the plan. Nonprofits engaging school groups experienced a national decline of 90% in students served as a result of the pandemic. Dreamline was no exception. Now is the time for rebuilding. The primary question of the retreat was how we will focus our resources in the next three years to rebuild community. 

We are pleased to share that the Board was unanimous in its support of a community expansion model that continues to engage our global participants and focuses our key outreach on underserved urban school sites, starting in Philadelphia. Working with donors to support pilot programming, we will develop and scale program implementation strategies that prove successful in our nation’s most challenging educational settings. Throughout the process we will measure changes in student empathy, belonging, agency, and prosociality along with other more holistic community outcomes.

The Board looks forward to keeping you updated on this strategic initiative and sharing ways you can support the effort


10 Days 10 Dreamlines


In the NEXT TEN DAYS – by the last day in February, we challenge our community to help rebuild the community with the 10 Days 10 Dreamlines Challenge. 

Here’s how it works:

Use the resources below to share Dreamline with a new group (or yourself!) 

Each time you send something to a group or person, post about it with #ThrewADreamline to ….
Each time a new group signs up we’ll post with _(you).. #TiedADreamlineKnot

You can also email us if you don’t do social media. 

Here’s what you need:

Signup (case sensitive)



#globaldreamline (or program tag)

program info (case sensitive)

We are @globaldreamline on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 
We are @DreamlineJeffrey on Tik Tok. 

Good Luck!

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