dlLesson: 3 session, MS, UE


This is a sequence designed for 3 40-minute sessions for students age 9-14 but can be adapted for other ages. Its focus is on empathy building, imagining, and connection to others. Any of the sessions could be expanded.



Goal for the day is to help students experience empathy with students in other parts of the world, understand what Dreamline is, and get started with writing their values.

  1. Have students read different banners and write down one thing they think they could have written and one thing they would not have thought of writing. (YOU and NEW). Discuss in small groups and share out.
  2. Discuss where in the world these places are. Show Dreamline PROGRAM SITES MAP. Explain that Dreamline creates space to think about what matters to us (our goals) and to learn who shares those concerns (our team). Go over 3 RULES of Dream Banners.
  3. Explain that process starts with values. What do we value? Have them compare the lists on Banner Bits (scroll down) Generate a group list. Have students write down 3 values that are important to them.
  4. Session challenge/”homework”: Think about a change you’d like to see in the world in 20 years from now—when you’re an adult. What problem today would you like to see gone?

Goal for the day is to get students to articulate a dream, imagine what it would look like, and create their Dream Banner with hashtags as time allows.

  1. Hand out fabric and markers. Have students write their three values in the top 2-3 inches of the Banner. Have those who finish early work on a border around the edge of the Banner.
  2. Brainstorm dream for change. Use structure on Banner Bits (scroll down). Have them draft on paper if time, using both words and images to SHOW the dream. Focus on visuals as a way to make others pay attention and  inspire them to join you.
  3. If time, have them write hashtags on bottom 2 in. of fabric. Use UN Global Goals and others. See GLOBAL GOALS & DREAMLINE for this.

Goal for the day is to have all students recognize the value of their voice, compete the banner, and to upload as many as possible with the mobile app.

  1. Show demo of Dreamline mobile app. Discuss value of student VOICE, public speaking and hashtags.
  2. Have students who need to complete the banners with hashtags, and have others practice reading their words.
  3. Upload student Banners with app and record students reading and/or talking about their dreams. If needed, just photo and upload later.
  4. Attach banners to ribbon or twine, 2-3 in. between each. Attach label Banner.
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