Dreamline SDG Hashtag Guide


POVERTY #sdg01 | HUNGER #sdg02 | HEALTH #sdg03 | EDUCATION #sdg04  |  GENDER #sdg05 |WATER ACCESS | #sdg06 ENERGY #sdg07 | JOBS #sdg08 |  INNOVATION #sdg09 | EQUALITY #sdg10 | COMMUNITIES #sdg11 | WASTE & CONSUMPTION #sdg12 | CLIMATE #sdg13  |  WATER ECOLOGY #sdg14 | LAND ECOLOGY #sdg15 | PEACE & JUSTICE #sdg16

(Scroll down for a list of common topics associated with each SDG.)


TOPIC NOTES — overlaps intentional; subjective guidelines, not rules. Text to enter in hashtag section for uploads with Dreamline World app is what’s in bold below.
example for a banner about poverty type #sdg01.

sdg01POVERTY #sdg01 | homelessness, income inequality, clothing, basic needs, food insecurity

sdg02HUNGER #sdg02 | food insecurity, nutrition, food quality, sustainable food, agriculture

sdg03HEALTH #sdg03 | healing, wellness, cures for disease, nutrition, medical care, medical professions, childbirth, infant care, life expectancy, access to medicine and healing, exercise, sports

sdg04EDUCATION #sdg04 | access to education, reading, writing, access to books and information, educational opportunity, quality of education, critical thinking, purpose in education, educational credentials

sdg05GENDER #sdg05 | gender equity, LGBTQ+ rights, human trafficking, gender identity, gender related access to education

sdg06WATER ACCESS #sdg06 | clean water, sustainable water sources, water cycle, drought, water pollution, bottled water, irrigation, transportation of water

sdg07ENERGY #sdg07 | electricity, clean energy, access to energy, biofuels, fossil fuels, greenhouse gasses, wind power, solar power, hydropower

sdg08JOBS #sdg08 meaningful work, income, professions, living wage, purpose, professions, specific job goals

sdg09INNOVATION #sdg09 | problem solving, social entrepreneurship,  technical solutions, organizational solutions

sdg10EQUALITY #sdg10 | fairness, social justice, decreased inequity, equal opportunity, access to economic opportunity, access to educational opportunity, changes in governmental/social structures, fairness, decreased bias, freedom of movement

sdg11COMMUNITIES #sdg11 schools, families, city/state/national groups, friend groups, global groups/affinities, sport communities, art communities, compassion, acceptance, caring, empathy

sdg12WASTE & CONSUMPTION #sdg12 | recycling, reuse, overconsumption, pollution, environmental hazards, air quality, water quality, soil quality, , landfills, compost, product materials

sdg13CLIMATE #sdg13 global warming, greenhouse gasses, natural disasters, climate change

sdg14WATER ECOLOGY #sdg14 |  marine life, sustainable water sources, sustainable fisheries, water pollution, watersheds, habitats for specific aquatic animals, glaciers and ice caps, oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, stewardship of earth

sdg15LAND ECOLOGY #sdg15 | land use, forests, specific animals such as horses, bears, etc., flowers, land beauty, open space, land preservation, sustainable agriculture, sustainable food sources, ecological balance, wild places, stewardship of earth

sdg16PEACE & JUSTICE #sdg16 | ending violence, causes of injustice, fairness, rule of law, ending war, harmony, balance, compassion, caring, empathy

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