banner samples

Samples from the more than 3,000 Banners in the Dreamline Gallery. Each one is the unique work of a participant student expressing their dream to share with the world.

Tap any image for enlarged view. Tap corresponding button below the image to view with:

  • group name and participant ages
  • map of group location
  • voice recordings, transcriptions, SDG hashtags, & translations
    Unless otherwise noted, voice recordings are in English.

Listed alphabetically by country, then by state in US.

Shanghai, China

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
transcriptions, translations to English, voice recordings in Haitian Creol

Nigdi, India
transcriptions, sdg tags, voice recordings

Tehran, Iran
transcriptions, voice recordings

Ixhuatlan de Madero, Veracruz, Mexico
translations to English, voice recordings in Spanish

Tetouane and Marrakech, Morocco
voice recordings (2, 3) in Arabic and English (3)

Campi Nairobi, Tanzania
voice recordings in Swahili and English

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Kafue, Zambia


White Mountain, Alaska, US

Culvert City, California, US
voice recordings

Fargo, North Dakota, US
voice recordings

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, 5th Grade
transcriptions, voice recordings

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 7th Grade
transcriptions, SDG tags

Dallas, Texas, US

Ogden, Utah, US
voice recordings

Laramie, Wyoming, US

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