banner samples

Here are some samples of of Dream Banners from

Click links to see full version of  each Banner with map link and with voice recordings, transcriptions, and translations to English where available.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
transcriptions, SDG tags

Shanghai, China

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
transcriptions, translations to English, voice recordings in Haitian Creole

Ixhuatlan de Madero, Veracruz, Mexico
translations to English, voice recordings in Spanish

Tetouane and Marrakech, Morocco
voice recordings in Arabic and English

Campi Nairobi, Tanzania
voice recordings in Swahili and English

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Kafue, Zambia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
transcriptions, voice recordings

Laramie, Wyoming, US

Fargo, North Dakota, US
voice recordings

Ogden, Utah, US
voice recordings

Culvert City, California, US
voice recordings

Dallas, Texas, US

White Mountain, Alaska, US

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