75 days until Feb. 1

Dear Dreamline friends, I am so proud to announce the February 1, 2022 release of Dream Path SEL. It will radically alter Dreamline’s accessibility. It is the first turnkey solution for supporting a transformational Dreamline experience in any setting with any teacher. It is the work of a far ranging, devoted, and diverse team. AlsoContinue reading “75 days until Feb. 1”

UPSTANDING with Darnella Frazier

Given the enormity of the task, the world requires an army of upstanders compiled of unapologetic young heroes like Darnella, Malala, Marley, Robby and Mo’Ne who want to see change in their lifetimes.  Dreamline is and will remain devoted to the task of supporting them. Exactly two weeks ago today a jury in Minneapolis foundContinue reading “UPSTANDING with Darnella Frazier”

Me to We: A Strategic Plan for Dreamline

Here is what we’ve been waiting to share with you–the just-completed Strategic Plan for Dreamline, our declaration of values, purpose, direction, and implementation.  It is our dream to share with the world, and how we will realize it. This plan is ambitious and broad. It never could have taken shape without the tireless collaboration of ourContinue reading “Me to We: A Strategic Plan for Dreamline”

DKN june

CLICK ABOVE TO MEET THE TEAM! I am so excited to introduce this amazing group of youth leaders who are ready to roll with our next session of Hope Rising, our global online Dream Camp for kids age 9-14 Camille, our Summer Program Manager, and I just had a fantastic week of training with our Team Leaders. ItContinue reading “DKN june”