DKN june


I am so excited to introduce this amazing group of youth leaders who are ready to roll with our next session of Hope Rising, our global online Dream Camp for kids age 9-14

Camille, our Summer Program Manager, and I just had a fantastic week of training with our Team Leaders. It was so inspiring to learn from and with this exceptional group of young people. Joining us from Morocco to LA, they truly exemplify the diversity, compassion, and deep devotion to making the world a better place that is central to Dreamline.Hope Rising is a fun, thoughtful, creative, and inspiring way to enrich the summer of all children ages 9-14.

Please share this with the families you know. Many parents are looking for but can’t find engaging activities available for their children this summer. With this team in place, we definitely can help and are excited to foster incredible cross country connections that can only grow over time. And of course, local friend groups can participate together too.Check it out, pass it on, and spread the word. Together, hope IS rising!

Jeffrey Harlan
Dreamline Founder

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