Me to We: A Strategic Plan for Dreamline

Here is what we’ve been waiting to share with you–the just-completed Strategic Plan for Dreamline, our declaration of values, purpose, direction, and implementation.  It is our dream to share with the world, and how we will realize it.

This plan is ambitious and broad. It never could have taken shape without the tireless collaboration of our Planning Group, especially the direction and leadership of Bill Adair, former Program Director at the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, and Vivian Sun, Global Giving and Philanthropy Program Manager at Salesforce.

“The result of the six-month strategic planning process is a plan to create a transition from Dreamline’s current small scale operation and financial position to an organization that will serve thousands more young people and build a secure financial future for its operation. ” –p. 2

When I started my work with students and dreams as a classroom teacher, I could have dreamed of part of this, but certainly not all of it–and never how to make it happen. That takes a group effort. It’s a powerful example of how when we connect our dreams, greater things happen–what Dreamline is all about.  

Please take time enjoy the 9 pages of text, graphics, and photographs. We were fortunate to receive donated graphic design from GHI Design, one of Philadelphia’s top design firms, so it’s both informative and beautiful. Use the button below.

At this time of year, when gifts are the order of the day and when we are still struggling to create the moments of connection that make our holidays meaningful, it is with tremendous gratitude that I can offer this to you and that, collectively, we will offer it to the world. 

May the weeks ahead bring you increasing light, hope, and a growing conviction that we can and will move from me to we in the months and years to come.

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