Black Lives Matter

We are proud to share in this post what we have already put on our social media and shared through direct email to our entire community.

Dreamline stands in solidarity with those in protest of the police brutality that ended the life of George Floyd. We stand in solidarity with all those in condemnation of systemic racism and all students we have had the privilege to serve in Philadelphia, including Laboratory Charter School, Parkway North West, and Harding Middle School.

We want to acknowledge our passive efforts to engage underserved communities, and commitment to do a better job using the Dreamline platform to celebrate and amplify the power of Black children’s voice, experience, and dreams.

We take very seriously our responsibility to create safe spaces for meaningful conversations, share the power of communities we have had the privilege to connect with, and unapologetically pursue the anti-racist change in our world.

In continued support of children’s empathy, compassion, and inspiration, we at Dreamline hold ourselves accountable to do all we can to help the healing of families impacted by systemic racism, and move beyond merely the hope for a better future.

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