Virtual Volunteer Center


  1. Complete and return the Volunteer Code of Conduct form you receive in email.
  2. Receive a folder with Banner Images and Audio Files. Download to local device.
  3. Create a text document for your folder. For each Banner Image
    1. Type the file name
    2. Transcribe the words from the Banner. Use single lines of text. Use line breaks only for formatting. Do not attempt to re-create any other formatting. Type exactly what the participant wrote. Include title if there is one.
    3. If VALUES are listed at the bottom of the Banner, Type “Values” followed by the words
    4. If there are hashtags at the top of the Banner, type them. Be sure to include #.
    5. If no UN SDG hashtags appear on the Banner, consult this list and add 1-3 of our UN SDG hashtags.
  4. Upload Banners, Audio Files, Text
    1. Go to
    2. Login with email and password you are given.
    3. Select Banners > Add
    4. Select School
    5. Select Group Leader as directed.
    6. Select Group as directed.
    7. Click Add Image. Navigate to and select Banner Image from folder.
    8. Click Add Recording.
    9. Click drop-down next to Recordings. Select language of recording.
    10. Click Select File. Navigate to audio file with corresponding file name to Banner Image.
    11. Navigate to Document created in Step 3 above. Copy and paste text fo corresponding Banner file name into Description text box.
    12. Click SAVE AND ADD ANOTHER (bottom right)
    13. Continue until all uploaded.
    14. Check work by going to Most recently uploaded Banners appear first.


This is the process for creating files to print on cloth from the digital Banner files. Example of finished ppt output HERE.

  1. Download ppt Banner Printing Template
  2. For each Banner
    1. Insert Banner Image into ppt page. Size to fill the page.
    2. Find the Banner in the Dreamline Gallery. You can use Search Filters if needed.
    3. Click to see detail view. Scroll down and Click View in New Window.
    4. Copy URL.
    5. Create QR Code. QR Code Monkey is a good site for it. Paste URL in, Click Create QR Code, Download png.
    6. Copy and paste QR code onto ppt Banner Image.
    7. Size QR Code to 1 in. and place as close to bottom right corner as possible.
    8. Repeat until all complete.
  3. Save ppt and send as directed.


You will need:

  1. Printable fabric, Dreamline ribbon, Dreamline/Group Label Banners, Dreamline mailing envelopes- all sent to you by Dreamline staff
  2. Ppt of banners processed for printing- emailed to you.
  3. Inkjet color printer(important)
  4. Stapler
  5. Iron (optional)

Banner Printing Process:

  1. Load printable fabric into inkjet printer following package directions.
  2. If there are print quality choices, select the highest quality.
  3. Print banners from ppt onto printable fabric–1 ppt page on each sheet.
  4. Remove backing of fabric from each sheet if there is one.
  5. If you feel like the banner would benefit from a quick iron, to flatten it or to ‘seal’ the print, run a warm iron over each banner, print side up, for 3-5 seconds. This step is optional.
  6. Attach the Banners to the ribbon to create a Dreamline with a staple on each corner. Attach each Banner IN FRONT of the ribbon.
    1. Leave about 12 in/30 cm of ribbon at the beginning. Work from left to right.
    2. Attach a Label Banner. If it is double sided, make this one show the school name.
    3. Leave about 3 in/8 cm gap, then attach the first Dream Banner.
    4. Leave about 3 in/8 cm gap, then attach the next Dream Banner. Repeat this process until you have attached all Banners.
    5. After the last Dream Banner, leave a 3 in/8 cm and attache the other another Label Banner if you have one. If it is double sided, make this one show the Dreamline mission.
    6. Leave about 12 in/30 cm of ribbon after the final Label Banner and cut the ribbon.
  7. Fold the banners accordion style.
  8. Package in the envelope provided with one piece the thin cardboard to provide stability. Add a note if you wish.
  9. Address and ship as directed.

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