“He gave that to me” & 23 days until Feb. 1st!


Dear Dreamline friends,

As emails and Zoom calls zip back and forth to finalize the web site, sign off on video edits, and make the Dream Path SEL experience the most teacher-friendly and transformative program we can imagine, Serita Lewis, a friend and Dreamline Board Member sent me this video clip.

He nailed it. You can hear Steve Harvey’s story about following his dream in the clip below. For me the center of it is this:  “If you write it down and envision it, anything you see in your mind you can hold in your hand.” That’s the gift his father gave him. 

And that’s the gift we want to give to students everywhere, not just those lucky enough to have a father like Steve Harvey’s. 

Check out the video and take a sneak-peek at our new site below. Please join us in our mission to make real what we can imagine by sharing this program with others or signing up to learn more. 


–Dreamline Jeffrey

Jeffrey Harlan
Dreamline Founding Director

Learn about our January 17  program in collaboration with the African American Museum in Philadelphia HERE

Sneak-Peek of the new Dreamline Programs Site design releasing Feb. 1. 

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