Gratitude & 45 Days from Now..

Dear Dreamline friends,

As I presented to more than 100 School District of Philadelphia teachers yesterday and as I head to the Future of Education Technology conference in January where I’ve been invited to talk about the importance of Social-Emotional Learning, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the groundswell of support for our new Dream Path SEL program. 

Please take a look below and click to hear the voices of Dreamline Youth Mentors Ahmed, Camille, and Jade–a few of the more than 20 videos from them in the curriculum we are releasing 45 days from now.

Please help bring Dream Path SEL to public schools in 2022 by making an end-of-year donation or by sharing our program with an educator. Listen to Ahmed, Camille, and Jade first.

May the coming year bring us all greater peace and health. 


–Dreamline Jeffrey

Jeffrey Harlan
Dreamline Founding Director

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