dlLESSON: YOU-NEW (leader resource)

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Practice the prep below well in advance of your lesson presentation to minimize the chance of technical problems and to feel as comfortable as possible with the technology.

Before the lesson, open this in a new Window. It is recommended that you close all other tabs for the window this in to keep from showing students an unintended window.

  • Size the window as narrowly (from right to left) as you can. You are trying to simulate the phone screen so it reads well on a phone.
  • Use text size adjustments on your browser to make text easily readable on a phone screen.
  • If you can, start a test Zoom call on your computer, invite a friend to join on their phone, and share the screen with them as a test.
  • When you share, do NOT share your whole screen. Instead, share only the browser window with the NEW YOU material on it. You’ll see this as an option when you share in Zoom.

Do the following before you start the lesson.

  • On the window you have open for the YOU-NEW SCREEN SHARE, create a new tab and go to dreamline.org/gallery.
  • Each code below brings up a different collection of six Dreamline Banners when you enter it in the Keyword field and click Search at Dreamline.org/gallery.
  • Preview some collections, choose the one you wish to use with your group and note the code. Be sure to click on the banners for the detail view that includes map links, some audio recordings, transcripts of banners, and some translations to English.
  • Review the collection you will you use in advance of the lesson. Think about questions you will ask about each Banner. Focus on art, words, place, and your own responses to them.
  • Before the lesson enter the code you have selected from those below and click SEARCH.
  • The initial view is the group. You can scroll down to survey it with your students, noting places.
  • Go back to the first Banner and click it. This is the detail view. Scroll down for details. Use the left arrow to advance to the next Banner.
  • Remember to call on students (if possible) to read or comment on art.
  • Remember to allow time for them to copy phrases. It is usually easier to copy from the typed text below the banner.
  • Remind them that they can do a screen shot as well.
  • For smaller groups, encourage discussion.
  • For larger groups, encourage writing YOU and NEW comments in the chat. (You may want to disable chat except for this use unless you have a co-host who can monitor it.)

Banner Collection Codes

  • Linea01
  • Linea02
  • Linea03










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