King Day 2019

On this 24th annual King Day of Service, the largest in the USA, Dreamline was the Signature Service Project. Volunteers from across the city and state created Dream Booths–mobile PVC structures–that will go to dozens of sites across Philadelphia to put Dreamline Banners in the public eye.

These banners are created in the theme of Global Citizen’s King Day of Service: A World Without Gun Violence. Government leaders — Sen. Bob Casey, Governor Tom Wolf, and Mayor Jim Kenney and many others — all lent a hand building Dream Booths and creating Dreamline Banners along with citizens from across Philadelphia. The event’s attendance was estimated at above 3,000. Our goal is to build awareness, inspire hope, and instigate action in the direction of common dreams.

That started today.

Check out this article:

screenshot 2019-01-21 22.59.59

And our event photos on Facebook:

screenshot 2019-01-21 23.06.37

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