UNLOCK the Dream!

IN BETA: Contact us if you’re interested in creating a local version of this game at your school / public venue or if you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity. We will be glad to make it work and UNLOCK the Dream with you!

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Sign up in a team of two or more to play.

Working through problems together and accomplishing a task requires collaboration, clear communication, and positive interactions. This success leads to more.

Get your game code and enter it in the Dreamline app.

This is where the journey starts! The Dreamline app has the dreams in art and words from students all around the globe. Each flag on Dreamline is a clickable experience that can bring up a map, the student’s recorded voice, what values inspire their dreams, and what kind of UN Sustainable Development Goal they care about most.

Game Set, Ready, GO!

The instant you put your code in Dreamline, your Game Set of 5 Flags comes up. These physical flags are somewhere in the place you are. Your team’s job: to find each flag, look on the back, and see what’s there! Divide the work, but work together!

Solve the puzzle to Unlock the Dream Box and WIN.

Each Game Set flag has directions or a question that will lead you to the solution. You may have to look on a map, answer a question about this student’s dream, think about your own, or carefully observe the student’s art—or all of these. When you collect all 5 clues, you submit them. If you’re right, unlock the box and see what waits!

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