Thank you for being a Table Sponsor!


The link above sends them to a form to compete and get their “e-ticket.” We will send them (and you) the link to our event 48 hrs. in advance and just before the event.

Your email to them can be a forward of one we send you or your own.

If you write your own, be sure to include the date and time — March 24, 8-9:15pm EDT–and the site address:

The most important thing is to include why you support Dreamline and why you are inviting them. Your own voice is the most powerful message.

Our suggestions for Radical Inclusivity–a Dreamline Value

  • BY FRIDAY, MARCH 12: Invite everyone you wish to invite. There’s no limit on the number. This is a virtual event and it does not increase our costs to have additional attendees. Start as soon as you can.
  • BY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17: Follow up with any you have not heard back from. Text, phone, or Zoom works best.
  • By FRIDAY, MARCH 19: Confirm with your table attendees who are coming. If you are doing a pre-event Zoom get-together, let them know.

Our suggestions for Authenticity–a Dreamline Value

  • For your initial email invite, if you are inviting fewer than 6 people, send individual emails, not a group email. It is more personal and gets better results.
  • If they don’t reply to your email within a few days, follow up with text or a call. We can all lose track of emails. Ask if they got it and offer to resend.
  • Confirm their attendance and let them know you are glad they are coming. Send an email to all of the people who said they’d come on the Friday before, and on the day before as well, if you can.
    Virtual events have a 30% “flake rate” and we want to beat that! This will help.
  • We suggest setting up a Zoom call of your own fifteen minutes before the event on the 24th, to “meet in the lobby.” We’ll be sending out drink recipes created just for our event by some professionals!


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