dlACTIVITY: DREAMS (reflect)


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Since you’ve thought about your values–what really matters to you–it’s time to start imagining a dream to share with the world.


  • You will need a piece of paper and pen or pencil.
  • Fold the paper in HALF.
  • On the <- LEFT, write “PROBLEMS.”
  • On the RIGHT -> write “DREAMS.”


In 1932 a US poet LANGSTON HUGHES wrote this poem about dreams.


Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamer,
Bring me all of your
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world.

Langston Hughes
  • What’s he asking us to bring him?
  • Why?


  • What do you think this poem says about dreams and visions for the future?
    Do you agree?


  • THINK about problems in … your world, community, life.
  • WRITE one or more fore EACH on the <-LEFT side of your paper.
  • How old are you now?
  • How old will you be in 20 years?
  • LOOK at the problems you wrote on your paper.
  • CIRCLE the one you’d REALLY like to see GONE when you’re that old–20 years from now.

imagine: (don’t say or do anything)

  • How will things LOOK different?
  • How will people ACT different?
  • How will you FEEL different?
  • How will the people in your life BE different?

now write or draw

  • ON the RIGHT-> side of your paper..
  • Use words and drawing to describe your imagining. “In my dream…” “I have a dream that…” “I dream a world where…”
  • Write or draw for at least 2 minutes. Don’t talk.

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