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Hope Rising After School

the power & art of global activism

This is a 10-week journey transforming dreams to actions through creative expression, collaboration, and activism in a global community.

me to we

Youth leaders help you articulate your dream, and plan the steps for a journey of change. Choose an area of interest and connect with students who share your passion.


Current topics include

JUSTICE – social justice, anti-racism, gender equality…
SUSTAINABILITY – climate change, energy, life, technology…
WELLBEING – food, health, mindfulness, fitness…

radical inclusivity

Hope Rising After School is designed for after school programs provided by schools and other organizations as well as for individual sign-ups.

Our standard offering is 10 one-hour sessions on Zoom. Timing and programming is flexible according to group needs. We offer programming in all time zones.

Our primary language is English but we can offer sessions in Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese as well. Our primary focus is upper elementary and middle school students, but we provide programming for Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Experience . . .


How Participants Describe HOPE RISING …

“awesome … exciting … amazing … joyful … teamwork … beneficial … informative .. creative … hopeful”

The Dreamline Project’s Hope Rising Program is built from the intersection Creativity , Character, and Activism.

In this online journey through a series of critical thinking and creative activities, we learn from the dreams of others around the world, dive deep into our own areas of interest, and reflect on what matters most. 

From there, we are ready to create our Dream Banner–a culminating expression of personal values, words, and hopeful vision for the future.

click images below to
some of the dreams student participants have committed to in Hope Rising Programs.

handmade hope

Each Dream Banner is a personal statement of hope and power. But this is just the beginning. Together, we research and design simple steps that turn aspirations to action–a dream plan.


Your Banner and Plan will join thousands on the Digital Dreamline to inspire other people and guide your journey.

And to keep your dream conscious on a daily basis, a printed cloth version of your Banner will arrive in the mail with a phone readable tag to your dream plan and more.

global community

DISCOVER the art and power of global activism this fall.
Join the Dreamline Project movement for global community and change through Hope Rising After School.

Schools and other after school organizers can contact Hope Rising program manager  Camille Baechler for scheduling, pricing, and additional program options.
Email info@dreamline.org

Individuals can join scheduled after school programs by completing a form to receive an invitation to join and pricing options including Pay What You Can.



Learn more about the Hope Rising process and team below!

What to Expect …


A virtual platform and intentional scheduling that make it possible to gather kids across the globe in real time- from Anchorage to Dubai. We use the free Zoom video platform. Participants need only a phone and paper to fully participate.


Through the sessions, we learn about each other, connect our passions with Global Goals, and follow the Dreamline process- online and offline- to build a Dream Banner, joining a digital Dreamline that spans the world. The result is new friends, new directions, and a finished online project with your thoughts, art, recorded voice and more.


An hour each session in “Dream Teams;” a small group of kids with shared interests led by a Dreamline-trained youth mentor. Every session is highly interactive and packed with meaningful games and activities. The average Dream Team is 12 students.


After you create a Dream Banner the action starts. You work on age appropriate research and project planning to take action in the direction of your dreams and create a Dream Path. This, your Dream Banner and your recorded voice go online to inspire others and you.

A few weeks after the program you get a CLOTH PRINTED VERSION of your Banner with a phone readable link to your online Banner and Dream Path–to remind you every day of what matters most We all stay connected through social media, Flip Grid programs, our online music project, and by sharing our dreams at our global Dream Fest in 2021.



The Dreamline Process

Dreamline cultivates  imagination, community, awareness, and change by engaging young people  globally to listen, reflect, create, and share their dreams.

Dreamline’s approach has reached students in K-12 across in 42 states of the US and in 38 other countries.

We designed a series of simple yet powerful activities that bring awareness and intention to one’s values, and engage skills of wellbeing like empathy, compassion, and inspiration.

We connect the dots between our passions and values to larger global goals such as climate change, no poverty, and reduced inequality.

Our goal is to develop key skills of wellbeing and social emotional learning, and to infuse hope, purpose, and commitment into the lives of young people around the world by aligning and empowering their dreams.



Is parent or guardian supervision required?

We do not require an adult to be in the room, and sometimes find that kids are more fully engaged in their reflection and creative process with some privacy. However, you know your child and what will make you both feel most comfortable. Adults often need to help set up the first Zoom call with younger students.

What technology and materials are necessary?

We connect through Zoom, and participants need only paper and something to write with. You will receive an email with all necessary joining information following registration.

How secure are your Zoom meetings?

All of our Zoom meetings are accessible only to registered participants. Each participant receives a customized Zoom link which can only be used by one individual and cannot be forwarded or duplicated.


“Dreamline offers a simple yet profound way to connect the human family in a time of social distancing.” 

Sue Blythe, Creator of We, the World’s Climate Collaboratory

Dreamline’s online program gives kids an opportunity to dream big – beyond the frustrations and limitations of our current situation. Having meaningful goals to work towards will energize them and the online Dreamline will help them feel connected to other kids at a time when connections are harder to come by.

–3rd Grade Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

“Now more than ever, the health and security of our planet depends on the realization that our local wellbeing is connected to global actions. Dreamline enables youth to connect online to achieve this realization and to start brainstorming ways to transform the world for the better, using others’ creative ideas as inspiration.

–Doctoral Student at Columbia Teachers College

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