Dream Path SEL

Dreamline engages young people around the world to discover, believe in, and act on their dreams. It is a model of change from the inside out, authentically integrating SEL competencies to cultivate a vision for the future and the skills to get there. 

Dreamline is now releasing its first fully supported licensed curriculum package–Dream Path SEL. 

Dream Path SEL

Dream Path SEL is a twenty lesson sequence for students in upper elementary, grades 3 and up. It is a transformative Dreamline experience with integrated and aligned SEL competencies in every segment of every lesson.*

The program is fully scripted for teachers with training videos on each lesson. It includes video segments from Dreamline Youth Mentors around the world as well as digital presentations for each lesson segment.

The program also comes with a Student Dream Journal with activity pages for every lesson in print and digital forms.

It can be supported by organization-specific PD programming as well as by before and after assessment modules measuring growth in agency, pro-social behavior, belonging, and empathy. 

COVID Adaptations:
Every Dream Path SEL lesson is produced for both in-person and remote presentation, so teachers can shift seamlessly from one form to the other and back if needed, without any extra preparation or material creation. Lesson structures optimize the technology benefits of remote learning in combination with the community building aspects of in-person learning. 

*SEL competency alignments are based on the CASEL Framework. 

For more information, pricing, and availability, contact Jeffrey Harlan, Dreamline Director, jeffrey@dreamline.org, 215-645-2863 (US Eastern Time).

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