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Dreamline engages young people around the world to discover, believe in, and act on their dreams. It is a model of change from the inside out, authentically integrating SEL competencies to cultivate a vision for the future and the skills to get there. 

On February 1, 2022 Dreamline is releasing its first complete subscription curriculum program:

Dreamline’s new Dream Path SEL Program meets the unique needs of our time by enhancing belonging, empathy, agency, and voice–all while building critical Social-Emotional Learning skills and fostering community.

4 Units10 Lessons10 to 20 Sessions
583 Social-Emotional Learning Skill Alignments

Dreamline’s meticulously researched, planned and resourced, CASEL aligned curriculum and engaging lesson plans make both social and emotional learning and meaningful service and action within reach for any teacher or coach.

Dean Harris, Dean of Learning, DC International Public Charter School, Washington, DC

Dreamline is taking an innovative approach to increasing the reach and impact of SEL programs. They are now embedding direct measurement to assess student outcomes – which will allow them to establish impact at scale

Dr. Meg Small, Penn State University, Director of Health and Human Development Design for Impact Lab

Dream Path SEL is designed for integration in Advisory/Homeroom, Counseling Programs, After School Programs, Technology Supported Learning Programs, Camp Programs, and Subject Area Classes such as ELA, Art, or Social Studies.

Curriculum Highlights:

Fully Scripted Lesson Plans
√ Teacher Training Video for Each Lesson
√ Student Dreamline Journals/Workbooks
√ Student-Facing Digital Presentation for Each Lesson
√ Student-Facing Dreamline Youth Mentor Videos for Each Lesson
√ Online Before and After Group Assessment Surveys
√ Alignments to CASEL 21 Framework for Each Activity
√ Interchangeable Resources for In-Person and Virtual

  • Overview (p. 2)
  • One-page Program Summary (p. 3)
  • SEL Competency Skill Integrations mapping (p. 4)
  • Assessment Targets & Overview (p. 5)
  • Lesson Structure Feature (p.6)
  • Lesson Resource Features with Sample Video Links (p. 7)
  • One-page Scope & Sequence (p. 8)
  • Lesson 1 (p. 9-13)

Our new Dream Path SEL Curriculum is the collective effort of

  • SEL expert curriculum designers from SEL Horizons in Texas
  • an expert in DEI training and curriculum in Philadelphia
  • a leading assessment researcher at Penn State University
  • Dreamline staff
  • Dreamline Youth Mentors from DC, Dallas, and Morocco
  • an Educator Advisory Board with expertise ranging from Program Director at the African American Museum in Philadelphia to a seasoned Philly School District elementary teacher to suburban district reading specialists to the head of programming at two major museums to leadership at a leading independent school in DC to the head of education for Zoom.

The funding for development of this program was made possible by two major donors at our 2021 Dream Forward Gala, a matching grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and our Patreon sponsors.

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