Dream Path CALLOUT: Banner Prep

Use these directions to choose and prepare the blank Banners on which participants will create their final Dreamline Banners!

You will need one for each participant plus a few extras.

The basic material choices are cloth or paper but any flexible substance on which you can write or draw can be used. For ALL materials, the size must be 8.5x 11 in. or 22×28 cm.

The uniform size is important to Dreamline because it represents equality, a Dreamline core value.

Cloth is the “original” Dreamline Banner material because it’s so durable and because of the texture and appearance when connected on a line. Years later, a cloth Dreamline Banner will still be there.

You can use any kind of cloth that is tight enough and light enough to write and draw on. Sheets are often used, either old ones or inexpensive ones. You can also buy a bolt (large roll) of cloth and/or have participants provide their own cloth.

To make pieces the correct size the most efficient way is to make small cuts at measured intervals, then rip. It will rip in straight lines.

Paper is accessible and, though it may not be as durable as cloth, when you photograph and upload paper Banners to the Dreamline Gallery, they will be there for years. During the pandemic, almost all Dreamline Banners have been made on paper.

You can use blank 8.5×11 in / 22×28 cm paper OR print copies of a downloadable pdf template below.

Each template includes a QR code to view the Dreamline Banner Gallery.

Note that inclusion of hashtags on the Banners is optional, so choose the appropriate template below.

Use if your group will not include hashtags on their Banners.

During the pandemic Dreamline developed a process for remotely printing banners on cloth and along with a unique QR code, linking each Banner to its digital image, map, optional voice recording, and text in the online Gallery. This allows paper Banners to be transformed into cloth Banners and allows cloth Banners to be reproduced. This service at has extra cost an you can contact programs@dreamline.org or be in touch with a Dreamline staff member for details.

If you elect this option, you will receive additional layout templates to accommodate the uniques QR codes that will be added during printing.

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