Dreamline’s ABUNDANCE offers a richer student experience as it engages many SEL competencies, helping students develop empathy, greater self-awareness, and a dream to share with the world that has global as well as local relevance. All digital materials are designed for remote learning but can be used for in-person equally as well–or transition smoothly from one setting to the other.

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empathy, values, global community & dreams
online with Zoom or other live video platform
on-site instruction
your staff
Dreamline’s Dream Team Youth Mentors
Dreamline provided webinar required.
Online lesson materials for screen share presentation by teacher – phone-friendly
Detailed lesson sequence and material links
Additional downloadable teaching resources
Dreamline World mobile app
Participant email updates
For teaching by your staff: suggested PWYC contribution

For teaching by Dream Team Youth Mentors: quote of cost provided based on sessions and number of student participants for teaching by Dream Team Youth Mentors.
Some financial assistance available.

The Abundance program is a relatively brief Dreamline experience with far reaching impact as it develops self-awareness, global empathy, and a compelling vision for the future.

This sequence is designed for live presentation so that students have a guided experience through the materials and process, facilitating both the depth of focus and relationship development that are critical for an impactful Dreamline experience.

Dreamline Abundance materials are appropriate for students in third grade through college both in the US and abroad.

Our well established 4-part online sequence begins when students learn about and connect to the dreams of others around the world, fostering empathy and global awareness.

The next step is to focus on themselves, their personal values, and their visions of the future. We call this the Inside Selfie.

Students are then ready to articulate and creatively express a dream they can believe in and share with the world in their own unique Dreamline Banner. Handmade and original student work is a hallmark of the Dreamline process.

Remote participants create a Dreamline Banner on paper, photograph it, and submit it to their teacher. On-site participants create their Dreamline Banner on cloth which the teacher can photograph. Voice recordings are also invited to add an “audio signature” to each piece.

After receiving and approving student work, program leaders upload the student Dream Banners using Dreamline’s mobile app. Student Banners join the Digital Dreamline our online gallery of thousands of student dreams from around the world.

After all of the Dream Banners are online, students gather, often with other community members, to celebrate every voice–each creative expression of a dream to believe in and share with the world.

On-site classes can project Dreamline Banners for the class, display physical ones, and invite community members to join on Zoom.

Dreamline Abundance can be led by educators who have learned the instructional process in a Dreamline Abundance Training Webinar or can be led by our Dream Team Youth Mentors who work directly with students through the Zoom platform.

Dream Team Youth Mentor Led Program

Dream Team Youth Mentors are inspiring young people passionate about helping others believe in and follow their dreams. All have completed an in-depth training program led by Dreamline Founder Jeffrey Harlan and will obtain any required clearances. They have worked with Dreamline participants from Dallas to Boston to Egypt.

Click above to see videos of these fantastic leaders!


“Dreamline offers a simple yet profound way to connect the human family in a time of social distancing.” 

Sue Blythe, Creator of We, the World’s Climate Collaboratory

Dreamline’s online program gives kids an opportunity to dream big – beyond the frustrations and limitations of our current situation. Having meaningful goals to work towards will energize them and the online Dreamline will help them feel connected to other kids at a time when connections are harder to come by.

–3rd Grade Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

“Now more than ever, the health and security of our planet depends on the realization that our local wellbeing is connected to global actions. Dreamline enables youth to connect online to achieve this realization and to start brainstorming ways to transform the world for the better, using others’ creative ideas as inspiration.

–Doctoral Student at Columbia Teachers College

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