Community Guidelines


Dreamline is a safe space for aligning values, dreams, and actions on the Internet and in local areas.

The Dreamline site and app are teacher-curated spaces. That means only teachers or adult leaders of students are given permission to post on our site.


When adult leaders apply to register for the first time, their information is vetted for accuracy and to determine that they are in a responsible position to the highest degree possible.

When registered adult leaders register on Dreamline, the accept responsibility for what is posted through their account. This is explained in great detail in our Terms of Service. We request that registered leaders keep their login and password confidential for this reason.


Dreamline does not advocate the sharing of any identifying personal information about students whose work is posted by their teachers or leaders. For that reason we request that Dreamline Banners include  student given (or first) names only. First names may also be written in the Description field to facilitate searching, but we ask that family (or last) names NOT be included.

If, at any time, viewers of our site find any posted information objectionable, we urge them to let us know at We will investigate and reserve the right to remove posted information as detailed in our Terms of Use.


we are creating and maintaining a Safe Space for Dreams on the Internet.

Thank you for your help.

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