Dreamline and UN SDGs–a clear and present voice for change

With the Smurfs and the millennials and the UN and the media groups and the power of Dotsub behind our student dreamers, I can’t wait to get started…. Dream as a bird in the sky, soaring high freely in space. Waiting for an achiever to be the beginning of peace. By a high school studentContinue reading “Dreamline and UN SDGs–a clear and present voice for change”

My Love for The Container Store

OK. I have a confession to make. I love the Container Store, and I recently realized it’s for the same reasons that I love Dreamline. So I’m comparing my life’s work as an educator with a chain store in shopping malls? Yes, actually. But here’s how I got there…. At this time of year peopleContinue reading “My Love for The Container Store”