Dreamline is a nonprofit that builds empathy, compassion, and inspiration by inviting students to share their dreams with each other and the world. Dreamline’s approach has reached 170,000 children across 42 states of the US and 37 other countries.

Dreamline is proud to offer a summer experience for elementary and middle school students everywhere.

Our established global connections, affordable price, and easy access are deliberately inclusive, fun, and thoughtful. Because that’s what we’re about.

Experience . . .

Ages 9-11 & 12-14
1 Hour Activity Per Day

“Dreamline offers a simple yet profound way to connect the human family in a time of social distancing.” 

Sue Blythe, Creator of We, the World’s Climate Collaboratory

HOPE RISING is a ZOOM-based summer Dream Camp to connect with kids your age from around the world, think about what really matters to you, get creative, and have fun.

What to Expect …


A virtual platform and intentional scheduling make it possible to bring kids together in real time from across the world- from Anchorage to Dubai. We use the free Zoom video platform. Campers need only a phone and paper to fully participate.


Through the week, we learn about each other, connect your passions with Global Goals, and follow the Dreamline process- online and offline- to build your own Dream Banner, joining a digital Dreamline that spans the world. The result is new friends, new directions, and a finished online project with your thoughts, art, recorded voice and more.


Campers meet for an hour and fifteen minutes each day in their “Dream Teams;” a small group of kids with shared interests led by a Dreamline-trained youth mentor. Every meeting is highly interactive and packed with meaningful games and activities.The average Dream Team is 12 students.


After the program, we can print your Dream Banner onto cloth and mail it to you to remind you of what matters most. The only additional cost is for shipping and handling. Stay connected through social media and share your dream at our global Dream Fest at the end of summer 2020.

SESSIONS 4 one-week sessions offered

JUNE 22-26JULY 6-10JULY 20-24AUGUST 3-7

TIMES listed in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4)

Elementary Sessions (age 9-11):From 12:00 To 1:15 pm
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Middle School Sessions (age 12-14)From 2:00 To 3:15 PM
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The Dreamline Process

We have designed a series of simple yet powerful activities that bring awareness and intention to one’s values, and engage key skills of wellbeing; especially empathy, altruism, diversity, gratitude, mindfulness.

We connect the dots between our passions, values, and larger global goals such as climate change, no poverty, and reduced inequality. Where do we find empathy and respect in sports and cooking Mindfulness in climate change, respect in equality?

Our goal is to inspire hope, align young people with their dreams, and encourage the intentional, creative use of key skills and values to through the day. Like bringing your parent a glass of water while they are outside tending the yard, being conscious to turn the sink tightly so it does not drip. Or being open to trying a new food.


Thank You

We believe in the power of the butterfly effect to change the world; the idea that small change can make much bigger changes happen. Like a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo to produce a tornado in Tennessee. 

Creating a Dreamline banner is like planting a seed; an opportunity to reflect, recognize, and share with intention what is truly important, and remind us as we grow.

We strive to support the happiness, wellbeing, and empowerment of young people capable of changing the world. Thank you for joining our mission.


Is parent or guardian supervision required?

We do not require an adult to be in the room, and sometimes find that kids are more fully engaged in their reflection and creative process with some privacy. However, you know your child and what will make you both feel most comfortable.

What technology and materials are necessary?

We connect through Zoom, and participants need only paper and something to write with. You will receive an email with all necessary joining information following registration.

How are cloth banners made?

Digital banners are screen printed onto traditional 9×11 Dreamline cloth fabric- consistent with every Dreamline Banner ever made.


Dreamline’s online program gives kids an opportunity to dream big – beyond the frustrations and limitations of our current situation. Having meaningful goals to work towards will energize them and the online Dreamline will help them feel connected to other kids at a time when connections are harder to come by.

–3rd Grade Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

“Now more than ever, the health and security of our planet depends on the realization that our local wellbeing is connected to global actions. Dreamline enables youth to connect online to achieve this realization and to start brainstorming ways to transform the world for the better, using others’ creative ideas as inspiration.

–Doctoral Student at Columbia Teachers Colleg
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