If you’ve gotten the link to this page it’s because we’ve already invited you to consider becoming a Dream Team Leader! So WELCOME!!

What’s a Dream Team Leader?

A Dream Team Leader is a person who works with a group of 10-14 young people from pretty much anywhere to guide them through a week of fun, connection, some deep thinking, and creativity in our HOPE RISING DREAM CAMP for students age 9-14.

What’s the time commitment?

The commitment is about 8 hrs. per week per session. We are planning sessions for age 9-11 going from 12 noon EDT to 1:15 each day, and for age 12-14 group going from 2:00 EDT to 3:14 each day. It’s a total of 6.25 hours with students in Zoom meetings per group and then some other responsibilities such as uploading their art work at the end and collaborating.

SESSIONS 4 one-week sessions offered

JUNE 22-26JULY 6-10JULY 20-24AUGUST 3-7

TIMES listed in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4)

Elementary Sessions (age 9-11):From 12:00 To 1:15 pm
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Middle School Sessions (age 12-14)From 2:00 To 3:15 PM
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Is this paid?
If so, how much?

For each one-week session you lead, we will pay $150 USD and $250 USD for two. Two means you lead both groups each day, the 9-11 and 12-14. We don’t pay hourly, just a fixed amount for the job.

Do I have to create the content? Or can I?

All of the basic online content for the programming is provided by us and you learn how to use it and customize it for you in our training sessions. So there’s stuff you can invent–like games and interest sharing activities–and stuff that’s already prepared–like each step of the Dreamline program experience. It’s all been created and used very successfully with students already. Some of the sessions may start as a whole group with, for example 60 students, led by one or two leaders, then break down into the small groups where you will lead. We can use the Breakout function of Zoom for this.


We have a 4-hour training sequence that walks you through all of the prepared content you’ll use, teaches you a ton of Zoom-friendly games, explains all of the tech, and helps us get to know each other! We can’t pay you for training time, but if you work for us and we have a successful season (our first) everyone gets a bonus to pay for the training and a great job!

What’s the Commitment?

YOUR COMMITMENT TO US is a willingness to do our training program, help invite participatns by doing your FlipGrid, and fill out our Dream Team Leader Profile form. You’ll get info from Camille on on creating your Flipgrid intro like this:

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU is to employ you as a Dream Team Leader as soon as possible. We will assign Team Leaders to groups as soon as they are filled with campers. This is the first time for many virtual summer camps, so there is some uncertainty. Dreamline has been working directly with school groups for years, but this it is our first time offering a summer camp experience as well.

You in?


We’d love to count you among our Dream Team Leaders. It’s fun work. It’s important work. Here’s what one urban school Vice Principal in Philadelphia said about our program when we showed her what we were planning:

I think now, more than ever, our students need to feel a sense of connection to community and the world. They need to know that their voice matters and they need to learn and grow from world experiences.

Considering they have been learning through a virtual classroom due to the pandemic, Hope Rising would be the perfect platform to let our students know that they are truly our future and they can start to make a difference. They can start that line of communication and begin to educate themselves and others around them to start to make changes in our world.

Constance O’Shea Vice Principal of Harding Middle School

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