Unlocking the Dream

The advent of games like Escape Room and BreakoutEDU started around 2007 and their popularity has only kept growing. All across the USA, there are storefront Escape Room entertainment venues where groups of people pay to work collaboratively in order to solve a mystery and literally break out of a room. They willingly agree toContinue reading “Unlocking the Dream”

Paying Attention: the “Inside Selfie”

We talked about paying attention to the inside–that each Dreamline and Value flag helps focus our own attention on the inside–what we value, what we dream, what we plan. And we talked about how the inside is more important than the outside–in friendship, in family, in everything we do with other people. “Zip!” “Zap! “Zop!!” […]

What’s Behind a Dream?

While our dreams in life will change as we grow and our circumstances shift, when we align our evolving dreams to our values, they provide the ballast, the permanence, that’s critical for a steady course–now and in the future. “The values and the dreams are in an alignment for a better tomorrow.” –Gregory Mevs OnContinue reading “What’s Behind a Dream?”