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HOPE RISING HOPE AND COMMUNITY THROUGH THE SUMMER Dreamline’s HOPE RISING is a fully developed online offering for organizers of summer student programs in 2020 – safe, interactive, hands-on, fun, and inspiring. Many summer programs are on hold and we are here to meet the need, building hope and community. If you know someone involvedContinue reading “DKN may”

DKN april

This Dream Keeper News explains what we are offering for our schools that are dealing with a whole new world and to our students who are at home. It has some of the details of what has come out of many hours of group Zoom calls, simulating student experiences with focus groups of both seasonedContinue reading “DKN april”

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Out an abundance of dreams, we are creating something together that transcends fear, and taps into creative connections everywhere. Times like these are when we need that connection more than ever. This March Dreamkeeper News introduces our Out of an ABUNDANCE OF DREAMS Program for schools not in session.  We also celebrate a community outpouring ofContinue reading “DKN march”